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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 4.10 Lesson :A Matter of Husbands

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1.) What favour does Earnest Young Woman ask from The Famous Actress?

2.) What, according to The Earnest Young Woman, are the indications that her husband has fallen in love with Famous Actress?

3.) Is Earnest Young Woman convinced by the argument of Famous Actress? How?

4.) Where is the Earnest Young Woman’s husband hiding himself as they are talking about him?

5.) When do you feel that Famous Actress is really good at acting?

6.) How do we come to know that Famous Actress and the husband of Earnest Young Woman are in love?

7.) Write down the plot of the play in a paragraph.

8.) Sketch the character of Famous Actress.

9.) Shed light on the difference between an ordinary woman and an actress.

10.) According to Famous Actress, men associated with theatre use the theatre actresses to make their estranged wives jealous so as to woo them back. Do you agree with her argument? Why? Why not?

11.) How does Famous Actress make a fool of Earnest Young Woman?

12.) The conversation between the two women takes place on the stage of the theatre. What role does the theatre house as a part of setting play in A Matter for Husband?

13.) What do you think about the ending of the play?

14.) Write a paragraph describing your favourite actor/actress.

15.) John Cassavetes says, “I’m very worried about the depiction of women on the screen. It’s gotten worse than ever and it’s related to their being either high- or low-class concubines . . . . There’s nothing to do with the dreams of women, or of woman as th

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