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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the means of communication? Explain it.

Ans : Communication is a process through which individuals mutually exchange their ideas, values, thoughts, feeling and actions with one or more people. There are two ways for establishing communication. One is personal communication and the other is mass communication. Postal services, wireless telephone, and e-mail are the means of personal communication and radio, television and newspaper are the means of mass communication. Some important means of communication service in Nepal are as follows: i) Postal service:- Postal services are one of the traditional modes of transportation services in Nepal and it is one of the important communication services. Postal services started in Nepal from 1879 A.D. By the end of the fiscal year 2013, there were 3992 post offices in Nepal. ii) Telecommunication services:- Telecommunication is the easiest and fastest means of communication. The telecommunication department was established in 2016 B.S. in Nepal. The development of telecommunication services in Nepal is extended to all the 77 districts of the country. At present, Nepal telecommunication company (Nepal Telecom) is providing telephone services. iii) Radio broadcasting services:- One of the most important means of mass communication is radio broadcasting service has been accessible throughout the medium-wave transmission. Radio Nepal is also using V-SAT to make its broadcast audible throughout the country. iv) Television services:- Television telecasting services is an important, effective and live medium of mass communication. The service of Nepal television started in2042 B.S. It is expanding its services in various parts of the country. v) Newspaper:- Newspapers are also the effective medium of mass communication. By mid- May 2013, the total number of newspaper registered in the various district of kingdom reached 6490. Out of the total newspaper 4510 are in the Nepali language.
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