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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Write the meaning of Data collection. Discuss the pre-requisites/preliminater of Data Collection.

Ans : The Data collection is a process by which the researcher collects the information from all the relevant sources to find out the answers to the research problem. Data are the numerical facts, which originate from the operation of counting or enumerating. For any statistical investigation first stage is data collection and the basic problem is to collect data relating to the subject matter. Data collection is the first and essential step in statistical investigation. Therefore, before collection of data, the investigator should be very careful in time of Data collection. # Pre-requisites/ preliminater of Data collection Ans:- The following points are to be carefully considered before starting the work of collection of data: (i) Objective of the study:- It is not possible to collect appropriate data if the objective of the study are unknown. It is therefore, essential to determine the objective before hand. If the objectives are clear, it becomes quite clear to decide the exact nature of the data to be collected. (ii) Scope of enquiry:- Scope of the enquiry relates to the coverage area of the study. Scope indicates the geographical region to be covered by the enquiry and the types of data to be collected from that region. (iii) Source of information:- Once the objective and scope of the enquiry are finalized, one has to determine the source of data from which the required information are obtained. Generally there are two sources of data: a) Primary source of data b) Secondary source of data (iv) Statistical units:- The next important step is to clearly defined the statistical unit in which the data are to be measured and collected. In many cases, source standard units like metres, kilometres, hours etc. (v) Methods of data collection:- The data may be collected by census or by sampling method. The choice between the census and sampling method is determined by the circumstances, objective, scope, accuracy, require resources and time available with the investigator. (vi) Degree of accuracy:- An investigator should decide in advance the degree of accuracy he wants to achieve. He can then collect the data accurate enough to serve his purpose. (vii)Types of enquiry:- Before collecting data, the type of enquiry to be used should be decided. The following are the types of enquiry used in statistical investigation. a)Direct and indirect b)Official, semi-official and non-official c)Original and repetitive d)Confidential etc.
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