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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Explain the methods of collecting primary Data.

Ans : The different methods of collecting primary data are presented below: (i) Direct personal interview:- In this method, the investigator himself goes to field and makes enquiry to collect data from respondents directly. The investigator asks the questions relating to his enquiry and collects information given by the respondents. Merits a)The data collected are more reliable and accurate. b)Information can be cross examined whether they are giving correct answers or not. Demerits a)This method is time consuming. b) This method not suitable for wide coverage area. c) This method is very expensive. (ii) Indirect oral interview:- In this method, the investigator doesn’t make any contact with the persons who are directly concerned with the problem under study. The required data are obtained by interviewing 3rd person who are in touch with the field enquiry and they are given for short list of questions. Merits a) This method is suitable for a wide area coverage. b) This method is cheaper and less time consuming. Demerits a) The selected informant may not be appropriate people to answer the questions. b) The result of the investigation may be blessed biased. (iii) Information through local correspondents:- In this method, the investigator or agency has local agents in different parts of the field enquiry known as correspondents. They collect information in their own ways and send them to central office where the data are processed and analyzed. This method generally used by newspapers. Merits a) This method is suitable for a wide area coverage. b) It saves time and money. Demerits a) This method may not be reliable. b) Information through this method may not be uniform. (iv)Mailed Questionaire Method:- In this method, a questionaire relating to the enquiry is prepared. It contains a list of questions and some space for the answers to be filled by the respondents. Copies of the questionaires are sent by post to various persons at different places. They are requested to answer all the questions and return it by post within a specified time. Merits a) This method is most economical in terms of money, time and manpower. b) This method is suitable for wide coverage area. Demerits a) This method is not suitable if the informants are illiterate. b) Questionnaire may not be completely filled. (v) Schedule send through enumerator:- In this method, a list of questions is prepared and send to informants through a person known as enumerators. The enumerator contacts the informant, gets replies to the questions contained in questionnaire and fills it up. Merits a) Useful in case of illiterate informants. b) The information are more reliable. Demerits a) This method requires more time. b) If the schedule is wrongly designed, the required information may not be collected.
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