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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the techniques of Data collection.

Ans : There are two techniques of Data collection which are presented below: (i) Census method:- The method of data collection in which information is collected from each and every unit of population under the study is known as census method. For example, if we want to study the annual income of households of a country, we collect the data relating to annual income from each and every household of the country. Merits a) It gives the complete information about the population. b) It gives more accurate and reliable result. Demerits a) This method is expensive, time consuming. b) This method is not suitable if population size is infinite. (ii) Sample method:- If only a part of the whole population is used to collect the information then this method of Data collection is known as sampling. For example, to study the average annual income per household of a city of 25000 household, we may select 2500 household as a sample and compute the average annual income per household for the whole city. Merits a) This method is less time consuming and less expensive. b) It is applicable in case of large population size. c) More trained and skilled manpower can be used to collect accurate information. Demerits a) It cannot give accurate result if the sample survey is conducted by unskilled and untrained person. b) Wrong and unreliable conclusion may be obtained.