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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Discuss the precautions in the use of secondary data.

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Ans : The following precautions should be adopted while using secondary data: (i) The data should be reliable:- The data users should know about the background of such data. In order to find the reliability of data the following facts are tested: a) Who collected the data? b) What were the objectives of collecting the data? c) Was the investigator experienced? d) What was the method of collecting data? etc. (ii) The data should be suitable:- The data should be suitable for enquiry. The data will be suitable only when they are found to be similar. if the nature of data is different such data will not be suitable for the study and cannot give valid result. (iii) The data should be adequate:- To test the adequacy of data, the geographical area covered by the original enquiry should be compared with the area be covered by the present enquiry. If the two areas are different data will not be adequate for enquiry.
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