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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Concept of Records Management

Ans : Record management is the combination of record and management. The record is written matter or fact which is used for future reference and management is related to the way of the technique which is used to manage the different types of records. Therefore, record management is the management and control of records. Letters, invoices, cheques, vouchers, files and written matter related with human resources are the example of records. The efficiency of office management of an organization depends upon the system of record management. According to Peterson, “Record management first to the activity designed to control the life cycle of a record from its creation to its deposition.” In conclusion, record Management is concerned with planning and administration of records their disposal. Generally record management involves five processes till their final deposition, they are – Creation of records – Administration of records – Retention of records – Retrieval of records – Disposition of records
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