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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Explain the qualities of good indexing.

Ans : The qualities of good indexing are explained below: i. Simple to understand:- The indexing system should be easy to understand and to operate. The indexing system in the office should be developed on the basis of the need and requirement of the office. It helps to operate indexing easily. ii. Flexible:- Indexing system must be flexible according to requirement. The number of documents and files may be increase or decrease due to increase and decrease in volume of business. iii. Safety and secrecy:- The most important requirement of indexing is the safety of records, files and documents and security about the internal matters of the office. For the preservation of files code number or other indices can be used in indexing system. iv. Economical:- The indexing should be economical both in development of indexing and in regular operation. The indexing should be developed scientifically by considering financial soundness of the organization. It should be installed with minimum space and also within minimum cost. v. Ensures promptness:- One of the essential qualities of indexing is to ensure from finish in office work. Indexing helps to locate required files and records within minimum time. This helps to develop efficiency of the employees and to bring smoothness in office work which is essential for business success. vi. Permit cross-reference:- This quality is essential to locate required file within minimum time, even when an index is lost, with the help of another index. In index there should be system of cross reference for valuable files and records. It helps to bring smoothness in office work. vii. Appropriate of office:- The filing system in office maybe numeric, subject or geographical according to the nature and size of the organization. Therefore, indexing should be developed to support the systematic arrangement of files and documents.