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Class : 11
Unit : Business

What are the purpose/ importance of indexing.

Ans : The purpose/ importance of indexing are presented below: i. Developing filing system:- Office needs to develop filing system on the basis of nature and size of the organization. Indexing provides guideline and support to the office staff for the use of proper filing cabinet for preservation of files and document. ii. Insures location of files:- Indexing helps to locate the required files within short time in proper drawer and cabinet. An employee can search out required files within short time when they are needed. It helps to provide quick information and service to visitors. iii. Maintains secrecy:- To maintain secrecy about internal matters, an office can use numerical filing method for preservation of documents and files. In numerical indexing outsiders are unable to understand about how the files are kept. Secrecy of internal matters of the office is essential for business success. iv. Brings smoothness:- Indexing provides guidance for office staff to keep documents and files a systematic way. Therefore, whenever any documents and information are required they can be obtained with short time. So it helps to provide service to visitors and customers when required and brings smoothness in office work. v. Save office time:- An employee can locate a required files and documents within minimum time with the help of indexing. The office can devote it services to customers and order stakeholders in appropriate time. It helps to save time and efforts of office simply. vi. Ensures ready reference:- Indexing ensures ready reference of necessary documents. In office, there should be system of lock in cabinet so that documents remains say. They can be obtained on the basis of need office. vii. Minimize operating expenses:- The systematic management of files within minimum space contributes to reduce overhead expenses. Similarly, it also helps to develop efficiency and save the time in office work. Hence indexing contributes to reduce operating expenses.
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