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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Write down the principles of records management.

Ans : Record management needs to fulfill some specific principles to meet the objective of records in office performance. They are:- i. Justification:- The maintenance of records of all incoming and outgoing information without considering their importance and validity should be time consuming and costly office process. Therefore, records of facts and figures should be maintained only by considering their value and importance. ii. Verification:- There must be evidence of all the records maintained in office. The maintenance of records without any evidential proof will be worthless because they cannot fulfill the legal requirement. Such evidential records play the rule of proof when any kind of disputes arise in the course of business. iii. Classification:- All the records should be classified on the basis of nature and importance of documents. it is essential to classify records on the basis of nature and preserve them in systematic way so that they can retrieve without any delay. iv. Prompt retrieval:- Since records are maintained to reserve a specific type of information of future need. All the records should be maintained in systematic way so that they can retrieve in time. When required information can Austin in time it becomes convenient to provide response in time to required authority. v. Economies in cost:- It is essential to consider the cost factor while developing record system. The valuable information should be recorded systematically and useless information should be disposed. vi. Maintaining records for a specific time:- Every information has importance only for a specific period of time. It is essential to replace outdated information from record. It needs the system of replacing the old information with new one. Here, removal of old facts means not to destroy them but to preserve them in proper place for future reference.
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