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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the critism of welfare definition?

Ans : The Criticism of Welfare Definition are as follows: i) Restriction of the scope of economic:- According to critics, welfare definition has limited the scope of economic to the study of material goods only, which promotes material welfare. But there are non-material services of a doctor, a teacher or a lower service has economic value. The scopes of economic most extend to non-material goods as well which are economic in nature. ii) Economic is not only social science:- Marshall assume that economic studies those activities of person who live in society. It excludes extra ordinary persons like saint, Crist, beggar, monks, etc. According to Robbins, economics studies about all men and is human science. iii) Concept of welfare is not clear:- Robbins argued that the Marshalls concept of welfare is unclear. The concept of welfare relates to the states of mind of a person. This concept changes time, place and circumstances. For example:- a smoker and alcohol lover considers these products a need which promotes their welfare. On the other hand, a non-smoker considers smoking harmful for health. iv) Immeasurable concept of welfare:- The measurement of welfare is not possible. One person cannot explain how much quantity of welfare. He received after expending Rs.500 on particular commodity. v) Ignorance of positive aspects:- According to Marshall, economic is assume to be a normative science. But According to Robbins it is a positive science too .Economics should be neutral regarding to moral judgment and about what is good and what is bad.
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