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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the advantages of foreign employment in Nepal?

Ans : The advantage of foreign employment in Nepal are explained below: i) Solves the problem of unemployment:- There is major problem of unemployment in Nepal. Foreign employment helps to solve the problem of unemployment in the country because it provides opportunities to work for the survival. ii) Remittance income:- Foreign employment helps to increase remittance income in the country. The amount of remittance income depends upon the numbers of workers going abroad for foreign employment. iii) Skilled and training manpower:- The workers who returns to home country after some years are generally skilled and trained manpower. Their knowledge and skilled can be utilize to create new opportunities in the country. iv) Increases standard of living:- The standard of living of the members of the family living in home country’s increases. This is due to money send by the workers who is working in foreign country. v) Poverty reduction:- Remittance income received from the foreign employment increases household income. This helps to increase consumption of poor families. It increases living standard and reduces poverty.
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