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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Concept of an Office

Ans : All business organization are established for definite objective. For the attainment of predetermined objectives, it is essential to perform various activities like production, pricing, distribution and promotion of the goods and services. The regular factions involve receiving and collecting information, recording information, analyzing information, storing and distributing information. The creative functions involve planning organizing staffing, directing, controlling work. All these functions are performed from a particular place which is known as an office. The concept of office may be studied from two angles that is traditional and modern point of view. (i) Traditional view Ans:- Office is dead a specified place of an organization where both clerical and executive works Arden. Clerical works in involve receiving, recording, analyzing and supplying information of the organization. The executive work involved planning, organizing, directing and controlling and other innovative works. According to J.C. Denier, “Office is a place where clerical operations are carried out.” (ii) Modern view Ans:- Office is the administrative center of the organization where both executive and clerical works are performed. Office is the work itself nor who does it or where it is done. Work can be done in office, factory store or by visiting to customers.