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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Explain the functions of an office.

Ans : Functions of an office are broadly classified into two: Basic function and Administration management function which are presented below with the help of figure: A. Basic Functions i) Receiving and collecting information:- It is the primary functions of office to collect information from the different sources. Generally, there are two sources of information for office i.e. internal and external information provided from different departments and sectors within the organization and external information is provided from customers, creditors, government authority etc. ii) Recording information:- Information received both from internal or external sources may be different in nature and importance, depending upon the importance, information collected most be recorded in inward book and dispatch book. iii) Analyzing information:- It is concerned with a detailed study of collecting information. The information collected from different sources are raw and unprocessed form. In this function, information is studied in detail to find the necessity of information for future purpose. iv) Storing information:- The recorded information should be protected for future purpose. According to the importance of information and office will store information in safety and systematic manner in proper file. v) Distributing information:- It is the basic function of every office to distribute information to related people and department. The collected information is distributed to different people and department in order to help them in decision making and other activities. B. Administrative Management functions i) Managerial function:- The activities related to management of business as planning, leading, controlling, directing etc. are called a managerial function. Top level people of the organization are involved in managerial function of an office. It is necessary to successfully accomplish the function. ii) Human resource function:- Human resource function is related to placing right employees to the right job for successful operation of the office. Besides, it also responsible to provide financial and welfare facilities to the employees. iii) Purchase and control function:- The office chief most purchase appropriate plans, machineries equipment’s and furniture for smooth functioning of office activities. It is essential to develop proper storing system so that leakage and damage officers can be avoided. iv) Public radiation:- It is essential to maintain close lesson with customers, employees, government authority and general public for the reputation and Goodwill of the office. As result, modern office provides public relations service through reception and public relations department of the office. v) Safeguarding properties:- The office should protect the properties and assets of an organization. It maintains the records of all the properties in systematic way. It is the responsibility of the office to protect asset from theft, fire and other calamities. So, office should manage insurance policy to cover value of various assets. vi) Forms design and control:- Office forms should be designed to bring uniformity in office work. The office needs a different kind of forms such as bills, letter pad, voucher etc. Therefore, an office should design a separate form for each kind of activities. vii) Development of office system and procedure:- Office uses to develop different procedure and systems required to complete a specific task. It helps to bring simplicity into office work. Therefore, an office most has developed system and procedure to carry out each job.
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