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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Explain the office layout. What are the principal/objective/importance of office layout?

Ans : office layout is the scientific management of office resources like furniture, machines and equipment’s within the specified space of office building. So that smooth flow of office work can be insured. The main motive of office layout is to achieve maximum productivity with minimum cost. It also maintenance good image of the organization. According to Hicks and place, “Office layout refers to the arrangement of work station in the space involved so that all equipment’s, supplies procedures and personnel can function at maximum efficiency.” Principal/objectives/importance of office layout i) Smooth flow of work:- Office management is an important tools that brings smoothness in organization performance. ii) Sufficient working space:- Sufficient working space is essential to complete the work in confidential manner. The minimum space may create the problem of disturbance among the employees and they cannot devote their duties efficiency. iii) Effective supervision:- The layout should be helpful for effective and timely supervision. All the employees of the office may not be efficient and performing their duties. Hence, it is essential to supervise the employees tablet to minimize wastage and loss. iv) Flexibility and adaptability:- The activities of an organization never remain constant, it operates will increase according to time. So the office building must be flexible and adaptable according to the expansion of business operation. v) Good lighting and ventilation:- Office furniture, equipment’s and medicines should be managed in such a manner that natural lighting can be obtained. To maintain better health of employees and walking involvement, there should be the good lighting and ventilation system. vi) Maximum utilization:- The maximum utilization of office space is beneficial from cost point of view. Especially, in town or city areas floor space is more costly. It is not profitable for an organization to occupy more space. So office layout most being managed within minimum space. vii) Safety and security:- Safety and security of office properties are essential for their productive use. Or scientific layout should terminate the risk of loss or damage and it helps to save the properties from fire, flood, storm and natural calamities etc.
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