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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Explain the office accommodation.

Ans : Office accommodation refers to the selection of a place and physical facilities for the office. The employees have to spend major part of their time in the office for the office work in. They needed proper accommodation of office and its working environment. The office accommodation involves location of office, selection of office building, lighting and heating etc. In appropriate accommodation creates negative impact. A. Choice of office location (i) Concept of office location Ans:- Location of office means the specific place where the office building is to be established. The location of office building affects in the efficiency and cost of the office work. The selection of inappropriate location may become the reason of wastage of materials, money and time. Therefore the location most be convenient to staff, visitor’s and availability of infrastructure facilities. (ii) Considerations of selecting Office location a) Infrastructure facilities:- The office should be located in a place where infrastructure facilities like in road, water, electricity, communication, security etc. easily available. These facilities are essential for the development of efficiency in official work. b) Nature of business:- Nature of business also effects in the selection of location. Business may of various types like industry, trade and commercial. Industries are established in rural area stock trade are established Indore hot of the city. For example: of medicine shop is essential on the side of the hospital. c) Availability of space:- Depending upon the nature and size of business, sufficient space is needed for official work. It is more difficult to work in congested space. Show the space most be selected in such a manner that it is not only fulfills the present needs but also considered the provision of future expansion. d) Availability of transport:- The office should be situated in a place which is well connected by roads and railways. The employees and customers should be able to come to the office without any difficulties. e) Relation with other units:- Office has to maintain close relation with other units like marketing, production, warehouse etc. of the organization. The office is to be established in center location. f) Cost factors:- The establishment of office in urban areas needs more investment and at less development areas needs nominal investment in comparison to developed areas. Therefore, location should be selected in such a place where cost-benefit is available. g) Availability of service facilities:- The service facilities involved in banking, insurance, post office, retail market, health center etc. Therefore, it is necessary to select all location where above facilities are available to office employees and to the customers easily. B. Choice of office building (i) Introduction of office building Ans:- The choice of office building refers to the selection of appropriate office building according to nature and size of business. It is the next step after selection of appropriate location. It may be purchased, constructed or taken on rent. The employees can devote their duties efficiently, if there is proper space and other civil facilities in the office building. (ii) Considerations of selecting office building a) Safety and security:- It is essential to ensure safety and security of office resources like materials, furniture, machines, equipment’s etc. from fire theft water etc. Hence office building most ensures the safety and security of the officer resources for their better utilization. b) Shape and Size:- The size of the office is to be designed in such a way that machines and equipment’s can be managed in systematic manner. office management has to consider the size of building not only appropriate for the present but also for future. c) Lighting and ventilation:- The consideration of lighting and ventilation system is essential for the creation of working in government and to maintain health and hygiene of the employees. For this purpose commerce wide door and Windows should be made to maintain sufficient light and uniform air circulation. d) Office layout:- Office layout is the systematic management of office furniture’s, machines and equipment’s. Their office building should be such that it comes appropriate to layout the office. It maintains good images of the organization. e) Cost of building:- Business organization needs more investment for the construction of building which may create the problem of scarcity of working capital. Therefore, financial position of the organization most be considered for selection of office building. f) Civil facilities:- The civil facilities for employees and customer are also taken into consideration while selecting office building. Office building should be located at a place where civil facilities like freshwater, toilet, canteen, health services etc. are available. g) Flexibility and adaptability:- The activities of an organization never remain constant forever, it operates will increase according to time. So the office building most be flexible and adaptable according to the expansion of business operation.
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