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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Explain the purpose/ importance of filing.

Ans : The purpose/ importance of filing are explained below: i. Collection and classification of documents:- An office receives and dispatches various documents. It is the first task of office to receive those documents and classify them into various categories on the basis of their nature and importance. After necessary procedures, documents should be collected for filing. ii. Safety preservation of documents:- After Collecting of documents, this should be preserved safely for future reference. Important documents and records might get the image fire Insect, water and other factors. So filing help to preserve the documents from all possible damages. iii. Systematic preservation of documents:- Only safely reservation of documents doesn’t fulfill the objectives of finding. It is essential to preserve all important documents in systematic and scientific manner in proper drawer. Document should be arranged in proper file in systematic manner so that at the time of requirement they can be found out without delay. iv. Provide evidence:- The filing provides proof of evidence to settle the misunderstanding and dispute among different persons and parties. It protects the documents and record which can be used as proof. v. Rapidity in office work:- Regular functions of the office are carried out with the help of past records and present events. In case, the records are file in systematic manner, they can be is obtainable at the time of requirement. Hence, filing help for rapid performance office. vi. Provide guidance to staff:- Filing provides guidance to the staff for performing their duties. The existing staffs get support to perform their regular functions whereas new staffs obtain guidance for getting knowledge about the office performance. Hence, it helps to develop working efficiency of the staffs. vii. Provide information:- The filing provides necessary information for formulation of Future plans and policies. Future plans and policies are made with the help of past information and estimation of future work. It also helps to implement plans and policies in the organizations. viii. Maintain goodwill and image:- A systematic and scientific filing maintain goodwill and image of the organization. It can provide required information to the customers easily and promptly. It helps to create impression among the customers and ultimately helps to image and goodwill of the organization.
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