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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Discuss the qualities of good filing system.

Ans : The qualities of good filing system are presented below with the help of following point: i. Simplicity:- The filing system should be simple to understand and to operate. It should be managed in such a manner that any employee of the office even unskilled employee can operate it easily. ii. Economical:- The management should not spend more cost by purchasing expensive cabinet, drawers, folders and indices for filing. Depending on the economic condition and available of funds, an office should try to operate filing system at minimum cost. iii. Flexibility:- The filing system can be minimized or maximize according to the changing value of business. It means when business is expanded the filing system should be adjustable without any technical difficulty. iv. Safe and secured:- The filing system should protect the documents and files from insects, water, fire, dost, theft etc. The preserved documents should be available in the original form for a long period. v. Compactness:- The filing system should take on minimum space in the office. Cabinet, drawers, folders should be layout with minimum space of the office. vi. Accessibility:- In a good filing system, required letters and document most be available in minimum labor and efforts. It should be available at the right time and place whenever needed. It helps to bring promptness in office work. vii. Provision of replace:- Filing is essential to replace outdated documents and file from drawers. Removable of old documents means not to destroy them but to preserve them in a proper place for future reference.
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