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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What do you mean by water resources? Explain the importance of water resources in Nepal.

Ans : A water resource is the most important natural resources of Nepal. Nepal is the second richest country in the world on the basis of water. There are more than 6000 rivers in Nepal. The total length of rivers in Nepal is estimated to 45,000 Km. theoretically hydropower of Nepal is 83,000 Megawatt. But economically and technically only 44,000 Megawatt usable. It has several potentialities like hydroelectricity generation, irrigation, drinking water, water transport, etc. The measure rivers of Nepal are Gandaki, Koshi, Karnali, Mechi, Mahakali, Seti, Bheri, Rapti and Narayani. # Importance of water resources in Nepal. a) Development of agriculture sector:- Water resource is the basic of irrigation and irrigation is the life blood of agriculture. The development of irrigation and modernization of agriculture depends directly on water resources. Therefore, development of agriculture sector depends upon water resources. b) Development of industrial sector:- A large amount of fuel is needed to generate power for industrial development. The generation of hydroelectricity can be a cheaper means of energy as compare to diesel and petrol. Therefore, generating adequate electricity from rivers of Nepal can developed industrial sector of Nepal. c) Development of tourism:- Nepal is rich in rivers, lake, waterfalls and ponds. Tourist visit Nepal for rafting, boating, fishing. Water resources generate electricity which ultimately helps to develop transportation and communication. These are essential to develop tourism industry. d) Development of transport and communication:- Energy generated from water resources can be used to run electric means of transportation such as trolley bus, cable car, ropeway, etc. Similarly, use of modern means of communication like Television, Radio, and Internet etc. is possible only with the generation of electricity. e) Preservation of forest conservation:- The development of hydroelectricity substitute the firewood as fuel energy. The majority of rural people depend upon firewood to meet their energy needs. Therefore, large scale hydroelectricity production at minimum cost would have to replace the traditional use of firewood consumption. f) Generating of employment opportunities:- Development of water resources create direct and indirect employment opportunities in many sector. Proper utilization of water resources helps to develop agriculture, industry and tourism sector which ultimately provides employment opportunities. g) Source of foreign currency earning:- The development of hydroelectricity through water resources helps to develop industrial sector, which helps to increase the export volume of goods and services. Similarly, the generated electricity can be exported to earn foreign currency. h) Household water requirement:- Development of water resources helps to provides pure drinking water which is the basic of healthy life.