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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Discuss the current situation of hydroelectricity of Nepal.

Ans : Nepal has huge water resources with high potentiality. The potentiality of hydroelectricity in Nepal is about 83,000 Megawatt, which is 2.27% of the total hydroelectricity of the world. However, only 44,370 Megawatt of the potential capacity is techno-economically viable. It is explained below in the table:- Rivers basin Theoretical potentiality Techno- economic potentiality Koshi 22350 MW 10860 MW Gandaki 20650 MW 5270 MW Karnali & Mahakali 36000 MW 27360 MW Others Rivers 4000 MW 880 MW 83,000 MW 44370 MW By the end of fiscal year 2015/16, a total of 829.2 MW hydroelectricity has been generated from various hydropower projects which is less 1% of the total potentiality. Out of generated hydropower 824.7 MW was connected to national grid. Total installed capacity Hydroelectricity connected to National Grid 824.7 MW Hydroelectricity not connected to National Grid 4.5 MW
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