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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Describe the problem of water resources development in Nepal.

Ans : The problems water resources development in Nepal are explained below: i) Lack of capital:- A huge amount of capital is required to develop water resources. But the sufficient capital is not available in Nepal. Nepal has therefore unable to conduct the large hydroelectricity and irrigation projects. ii) Lack of technology and technician:- Due to lack of capita, Nepal doesn’t have technology and technician manpower. For the purpose of new technology it also required huge capital which Nepal cannot afford. iii) Lack of transport and communication:- Transportation and communication facilities are very important in order to conduct projects related to water resources. A most of the hydroelectricity project lies in hill region which means transportation and communication which difficult to reach their. iv) Lack of market:- Market of water resources product is limited. One and only market is India but Indian policy is not favorable. v) Defective government policy:- Government policy related to water resources is not appropriate and effective. Nepal government has open door policy for private investment but the policy and legal provisions are not clear.
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