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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What do you mean by forest resources? Explain the role, importance, direct and indirect benefits of forest resources in Nepal.

Ans : Forest is one of the important natural resources of Nepal. Different types of forest are found in Nepal. Forest is the renewable natural resources. Hence, scientific management and utilization of resources can increase the pace of development of country. Green forest is the wealth of Nepal. Forest is the free gift of nature to human beings. Forest is the very important resources of Nepal because it provides fuel, wood, herbs etc. We get raw materials for fuel, raw for furniture and paper etc. # Role, important, direct and indirect benefits of forest resources in Nepal i) Source of energy:- Forest is the main source of energy. It provides fuel, firewood to meet the daily necessity of people. About 86% of the total energy consumption is supplied by the forest resources. ii) Source of raw material:- It provides raw material for forest based industries like paper, medicine, plastic, furniture etc. Therefore, a forest resource is the source of raw materials required for various industries in Nepal. iii) Basic of preserving natural eco-system:- Forest is the source of oxygen. Survival of living things is impossible without forest. Forest resources help in environment protection and ecological balance. iv) Source of water:- Forest helps to maintain constant flow of water in rivers, cannels and tabs. Forest helps to maintain constant flow of drinking water. v) Control of soil erosion and landslide:- Forest helps to control flood, landslide and soil erosion. Therefore, forest is regarded as the natural protection against flood, landslide and soil erosion. The fertility of land declines in the absence of the control of soil erosion. vi) Promotion of tourism development:- Forest enhances the natural beauty. The rare wild animals and birds get shelter in the forest which is the source of tourist attraction in various wild life conservation of Nepal. vii) Sources of public revenue:- It is one of the main source of public revenue in Nepal. It provides both tax and non- tax revenue by selling the forest product like timber, herbs etc.
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