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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the causes of rapid deforestation in Nepal? Explain.

Ans : The causes of deforestation in Nepal are explained below: i) High population growth rate:- Due to high growth of population, the dependency on forest is increasing for every sector. With the increase in population, the demand for energy consumption, demand for houses also increases which is one of the cause of deforestation. ii) Migration:- Due to low productivity of agriculture and lack of employment opportunities in Hill areas, people migrate to the Terai area. The tendency of such migrated people is to live nearby forest area because of the availability of their daily needs from forest without cost, which is the cause of deforestation. iii) Uneducated people:- Lack of awareness and uneducated people, they cut down trees without worry of future. People are unaware of the problems of landslide, soil erosion, lack of rainfall etc. iv) Lack of employment opportunities:- About 66% of the total population are engaged in agriculture where seasonal unemployment and disguised unemployment are the main problem, today. Due to lack of alternative employment opportunity except agriculture, they use forest resources as a source of extra income. v) Demand for raw materials:- The forest based industries are increasing in Nepal. Thus, there is increase in demand for raw materials for forest based industries like paper, furniture etc. As a result deforestation is increasing in Nepal. vi) Defective government policy:- The government policy regarding preservation and development of forest is defective because it changes frequently with the change in government and becomes less effective. vii) Supply of construction materials:- The wood and timber is essential for the construction of house, bridge, industries and furniture. In rural area, forest areas are destroyed to meet the need of agriculture tools, which is the causes deforestation.
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