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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Explain the consequence of deforestation in Nepal.

Ans : The consequences of deforestation in Nepal are explained below: i) Environment degradation:- Deforestation causes calamities changes and irregular rainfall. Irregular rainfall causes flood, soil erosion, landslide etc. which damages the environment. ii) Natural calamities: – Deforestation leads to flood, landslide, deficiency of rainfall and various diseases. Deforestation creates the situation of natural calamities. iii) Effect on tourism:- Deforestation destroyed the natural beauty and climate of the country. Similarly, it destroyed rare wild animals and birds. As a result tourism industry will adversely affect. iv) Effects on industries:- Deforestation has negative effect on industries. It causes reduction in the supply of raw materials for forest based industries like paper, medicine, furniture etc. it will also have adverse effect on employment and public revenue. v) Shortage of construction materials:- Various construction materials in Nepal are based on the timber obtain from forest. Due to deforestation people are facing the problem of construction of house, bridge, factories etc. vi) Decrease in live- stock rearing:- Livestock is also based on forest resources. Deforestation directly affects the livestock rearing because there will be lack of food required for livestock due to deforestation. vii) Disappearance of rare animals and plants:- Forest is the home for animals, birds and plants. Deforestation leads to disappearance of such rare animals like elephant, tiger, and rhino etc. which have adverse effect on tourism industries.
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