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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the remedial (solution) measures for the problem of agriculture in Nepal?

Ans : The remedial measures for the problem of agriculture in Nepal are explained below: i) Control population growth:- The pressure of population on land has created various problem. Thus, the population pressure on agricultural land should be reduced by effective population control measures and diverting agricultural labor to other sector of the economy. ii) Introduce land reform system:- Dual ownership is the big problem in Nepal in which poor class people cultivates the land and the rich class people enjoy the benefits without any effort. This has discouraged poor farmers to work hard. Therefore, land reforms system should be implemented in an effective way to provide greater intensive to the farmers. iii) Provision of Agricultural credit:- The credit facilities should be made available for farmers at lowest possible rate through Agricultural Development Bank, Rural Development bank and other financial institution. iv) Introducing modern farming:- There is need of modern technology in the agriculture sector of Nepal. The use of modern technology will help to increase the productivity. v) Providing irrigation facilities:- The irrigation facilities should be extended throughout the country wherever possible and viable. An adequate irrigation facility enables crop diversification as well as round the year farming.
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