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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Explain the problems of agriculture in Nepal.

Ans : The problems of agriculture in Nepal are explained below: i) Lack of irrigation facilities:- Irrigation is the lifeblood of agriculture. But the irrigation facilities are not sufficient in Nepalese agriculture. Approximately 50% of cultivable land has got irrigation facilities and remaining 50% are dependent on monsoon. This reduces the productivity and quality. ii) Excessive pressure of population on cultivable land:- The cultivable land in Nepal is limited in area where as there is growing pressure of population of land due to rapid increase in the population. Increasing population disturb the quick development of agriculture. When there is increase in population, there is subdivision of land which reduces area of land per person and this increases burden of population on agriculture. iii) Low productivity:- The Nepalese agriculture is suffering from low productivity. Farmers in Nepal fully depend upon monsoon season which is very uncertain. On the other hand, they are also lacking irrigation facilities, modern method of farming, skilled labor, etc. which reduces their productivity. iv) Under employment of disguised unemployment:- Agriculture provides only seasonal employment in Nepal. Due to seasonal employment there is problem of under employment and disguised unemployment. The reason for disguised unemployment is growing population and no remarkable development in industrial sector. v) Traditional method of farming:- Most of the farmers in Nepal still practices traditional method of farming. Due to lacking in education and wide-spread poverty, farmers are unable to use improved seeds, chemical fertilizers, improved tools and equipment’s etc. This has resulted lower productivity in Nepal. vi) Inadequate agricultural credit:- About 22% of the people in Nepal are below poverty line and majority of them are farmers. They are having low income and even cannot sustain their family within the income. In this very situation, they are compelled to take loan from land owners at high rate. Provision of Agricultural credit through Agricultural Development Bank, Rural Development Bank etc. does not reach to the poor people. vii) Unorganized agricultural marketing:- The agricultural marketing system in Nepal is unorganized. Most of the farmers are compelled to sell their product to middle man at the time of harvesting to meet their basic needs. Due to lack of organized agricultural marketing, farmers are not getting reasonable price for their product. viii) Lack of physical infrastructure:- Nepal is poor in physical infrastructure development. In the absence of road facilities, electricity, communication, etc. the development of agriculture become difficult.
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