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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Explain the role or importance of human resource.

Ans : Human resource is important because level of human knowledge and skill is necessary in economic development of a country. The development of a country depends upon health, skilled and educated population. The main importances of human resource are explained below: i. Utilization of natural resources:- Human resources is the only active factor of production, nothing can be done without human efforts. Nepal is rich in natural resources which can be utilized only by human resources. Therefore, human resource is essential for the maximum utilization of natural resources. ii. Development of infrastructure:- The development of a country depends upon development of infrastructure like road, transportation, communication, electricity, etc. Development of this infrastructure depends upon capability of human resources of the country. iii. Basis of agriculture:- Agriculture is the primary activity of developing countries and it is a labor intensive profession. The sustainable development of agriculture depends upon active human resources. Therefore, human resource is important for agriculture. iv. Increase in production capacity:- The development of human resource increases the knowledge of human resources, introduces new production techniques and increases the production capacity. These ultimately help in expansion of market. v. Basis of social development:- Human resources development helps to make aware about rules and regulation, right and duty. This is because an educated person can only provide right message to the society. Therefore, human resources is the basis of social development. vi. Improvement in technology:- Human resources development helps to provide knowledge to change and replace the existing and traditional technology by new technology. Therefore, it plays an important role in the improvement of technology. vii. Economic development:- The maximum utilization of natural resources modernization of agriculture, improvement in technology through human resource helps in the economic development in the country. viii. Development of industry:- Development of industry requires modern technology, highly productive machinery, efficient tools etc. These things can be supplied through educated, skilled, trained and experienced human resources. Therefore, development of industries depends upon human resources.
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