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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Explain the consequences of environmental pollution.

Ans : The consequences of environment pollution are as follow: i) Soil degradation:- The environmental pollution leads to soil degradation which reduces the productivity of agriculture sector. Due to this, the total production of main crop is decreasing day by day. ii) Water pollution and scarcity:- When there is environment pollution then consequently water gets polluted. This rises the problem of water born disease such as typhoid, diarrhea. iii) Air pollution:- The use of energy, smoke from vehicles and industries are causing air pollution. This creates breathing related disease such as hypertension, asthma etc. iv) Loss of bio- diversity:- The environmental degradation reduces bio- diversity. It reduces the adaptability of eco- system and loss of genetic resources. Loss of bio-diversity leads to ultimate destruction of the environment and it’s capacity to sustain life. v) Atmospheric changes:- The over production of carbon monoxide is the causes of depletion of ozone layer. It increases the problem of global warming. The forest, agriculture and the whole eco-system are affected by atmospheric changes. vi) Natural calamities:- Rapid deforestation leads to uneven rainfall which results in flood, landslide and various disease. vii) Adverse effect in tourism industry:- When environment will be polluted, no any tourist will be attracted to visit Nepal. This will be due to unhealthy environment. So environmental pollution will adversely affect the tourism industries.
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