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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the main causes of environmental pollution?

Ans : The main causes of environment pollution are explained below: i) Lack of capital:- We need adequate capital to manage the existing natural resource. Due to lack of adequate capital for investment for utilization of natural resources, these natural resources are still unknown to common people and their use in commercial scale is yet to be started. ii) High population growth rate:- High population is the natural resource management. The increase in population will increase the pressure on natural resources, which is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. iii) Deforestation:- Deforestation is another problem of natural resource management. The high growth of population leads to migration, maximum use of firewood as fuel for cooking etc. causes deforestation. This creates the problem of natural resource management. iv) Use of chemical fertilizers:- Nowadays, most of the farmers of Nepal using chemical fertilizer in order to increase agricultural products in unscientific way. Consequently many animals and plants are being affected negatively resulting problems in natural resource management. v) Establishment of industry:- Establishment of industry is also responsible in environmental degradation. There is no any provision for the control of population due to lack of clear policy. vi) Increasing numbers of vehicles:- The number of vehicles is increasing day by day in urban areas of Nepal. But road condition is not good to face the pressure of increasing number of vehicles furthermore; the traffic system is also not scientific. As a result, air pollution is high in urban area.
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