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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the problems of mineral resources utilization in Nepal?

Ans : The problem in mineral resources utilization are explained below: i) Lack of advance technology:- The optimum utilization of mineral resources requires advance technology, modern equipment and efficient technician. But the availability highly skilled and experienced technicians are not adequate. Due to this the development of mineral resources is not possible. ii) Lack of capital:- A huge amount of capital is required to develop the mineral resources. But Nepalese people are poor and the rate of capital formation is very low. So Nepalese people do not have sufficient capital to invest. iii) Lack of infrastructure:- Transportation and communication are essential infrastructure for the development of a country. But such facilities are not available in Hilly and Himalayan region, a place where mineral are deposit. iv) Defective government policy:- There should be appropriate and adequate mineral policy that covers various types of mineral resources development including exploration, exploitation, processing, research and development. But there is no any appropriate mineral policy in Nepal. v) Lack of in-depth geological survey:- The most important aspect of mineral resources exploration is in-depth geological survey. In other country, except few preliminary geological surveys, adequate surveys have not been undertaken so far. vi) Shortage of energy:- The sources like coal, petrol, diesel etc. are the pre- requisites for the extraction, purification and utilization of mineral resources. However, the supply of energy is still inadequate in Nepal. 12. Concept of Natural Resource Management Ans:- Natural resources are material that occurs naturally such as timber, coal, water, air, fish, animals and land. Natural resource management is an interdisciplinary field of study that considers physical, biological, economic and social aspects of handling natural resources. It involves putting resources to their best use for human purpose in addition to preserving natural system.
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