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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Current Population Status of Nepal

Ans : The current population status of Nepal according to population census 2011 AD. (2068 BS.) Published by Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is presented below: i. Size of population:- According to census report 2011, total population of Nepal is 2,64,94,504. The male and female composition of population of the country are 1,28,49,041 (49.55%) and 1,36,45,463(50.5%) respectively. ii. Population growth:- According to population census 2011, the average population growth rate of Nepal from 2001 to 2011 is 1.35% per annum. iii. Total number of house hold and household size:- The total number of household in Nepal is 54,27,302. The average size at the national level has decreased from 5.44 in 2001 to 4.88 in the current census 2011. The household size is recorded highest in Rautahat district 6.44 and lowest in Kaski 3.92. iv. Density of population:- The average number of people living in a particular are of land is called density of population. Density of population of Nepal is 180 person’s per square kilometer. The district with highest population is Kathmandu, 4416 persons per sq. km whereas the district with the lowest density is 3 person per sq. km. v. Ecological distribution of population:- Nepal is divided into Mountain, Hill and Terai. The geographical distribution of population of Nepal is presented below: Region Population (%) a) Mountain 6.73 b) Hill 43.00 c) Terai 50.27 vi. Regional distribution of population:- The regional distribution of total population of Nepal is presented below: Development Regions Population (%) i. Eastern 21.93 ii. Central 36.45 iii. Western 18.60 iv. Mid-western 13.39 v. Far-western 9.63 v. Religious distribution of population:- Religious distribution of total population in Nepal is shown below: Religious Population Number Percentage Hinduism 21551492 81.34 Buddhism 2396099 9.00 Islam 1162370 4.39 Kirat 807169 3.05 Christianity 375699 1.41 Others 201675 0.81 vi. Composition of population by major cast/Ethnicity:- The census report 2011 shows that there are 125 cast/Ethnic groups in Nepal. The percentage distribution of major cast is shown below: Cast/Ethnicity Percentage i. Chetry 16.6 ii. Brahmin 12.2 iii. Magar 7.1 iv. Tharu 6.6 v. Tamang 5.8 vi. Newar 5.0 vii. Kami 4.8 viii. Muslim 4.4 ix. Yadav 4.0 x. Rai 2.3 xi. Others 31.2 vii. Composition of population by age group:- According to population census 2011 AD, Nepal population by age group is shown below: Age group Percentage Below 14 35% 15 to 59 57% Above 60 8% viii. Composition of population state wise:- The composition of total population state wise is presented below: Province No. Population Numbers Percentage (%) 1 45,34,943 17.12 2 54,04,145 20.4 3 55,29,452 20.87 4 24,13,908 9.11 5 19,737 13.41 6 15,70,584 5.93 7 25,52,517 9.63
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