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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Discuss The FOURTEENTH Plan (2016/17-2018/19) of Nepal.

Ans : The FOURTEENTH Plan of Nepal is explained below in detail: Background:- It is the first plan of Nepal after the announcement of new constitution 2072 BS. This plan is oriented towards developing Independent and self sufficient economy with the announcement of new constitution, there is rapid rise in people’s aspiration which has to be addressed by the plan. it is necessary to attempt the target of upgrading Nepal to the level of middle income country by 2030 AD, as promised in general Assembly of United Nation by achieving the target of sustainable development including the target of millennium development goal. Vision:- Independent dignified and socialism oriented national economic and prosperous Nepalese. Goal:- To graduate to the status of middle-income countries through welfare state with social Justice. Objective:- To bring about socio economic transformation through rapid poverty reduction with speedy economic growth and productive employment and equitable distribution. Strategy:- The following are the five major strategies that will be adopted to fulfill the vision, objective and goal of the place: a) To increase the production through the transformation, agriculture, tourism, industrial, small and medium scale business. b) To construct necessary infrastructure for the development of energy, surface and their transformation, information and communication, rural/ urban area and tri-nation development. c) To attain high sustainable improvement in human development with emphasis on social development, social security and social protection. d) To promote good governance with reform in socio-economic and government condition, efficiency and accountable, public expenditure, clear transparent and people friendly public delivery, protection and promote of human rights. e) To attain gender equality, social inclusion, protection of environment and to increase the use and introductional capacity of science and technology.
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