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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

General Evaluation of the Immediate Past Plan

Ans : i) THIRTEENTH (13th) 3 years plan (2013/14-2015/16) of Nepal:- The long term vision of the plan was to upgrade from all the least developed country to developing countries by 2022 AD. In preparing the base for this, the plan targeted achieving 6% average economic growth rate in the three year plan period. However the achievement was only 2.92%. the target achievement on different indicators are presented below: S.N Indicators Targets (%) Achievements (%) i. Economic growth rate 6.0 2.92 ii. Agriculture sector growth rate 4.5 2.22 iii. No Agriculture sector growth rate 6.7 3.35 iv. Population living below poverty line 18.0 21.6 v. Employment growth rate 3.2 2.9
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