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Class : 11
Unit : Business

Explain the different types of cooperative organization.

Ans : The various types of cooperative organization are explained bellow: i) Producers cooperative society:- Such cooperative society is formed by the small producers involved in agriculture products, small and cottage industries and other products of common interest by combining their limited resources for mutual benefits. It provides more scope for labor intensive activities. ii) Industrial cooperative society:- This type of cooperative is formed by small producers who are engaged in manufacturing work. It is formed with the primary objective of mass production and distribution. It helps them in collecting raw materials, providing skilled, unskilled employees. iii) Consumer’s cooperative society:- Consumers cooperative society is formed by final consumers to purchase goods and services directly from manufacturers and large wholesalers. The main of objective of such cooperative is to eliminate the role of middleman. iv) Cooperative credit society:- Cooperative marketing society is the association of small farmers and poor artisans who want to sell their products directly to the market at reasonable price. It plays important role for termination of the role of middlemen in marketing. v) Cooperative milk society:- Cooperative milk society is formed by milk producers to adopt improved technique of milk production and its distribution. It helps the rural people to improve their milk productivity in organized way. It plays important role in Nepal for production and distribution of milk products. vi) Multipurpose co-operative society:- This type of cooperative society is not remained limited only to an area of economic operation. It performs various types of economic activities like financing, manufacturing, selling etc. This type of society is also known as universal provider which agrees to fulfill all the economic needs of the rural people. vii) Cooperative farming society:- It is voluntary association of small farmers who joined together to minimize volume of agriculture product for mutual benefit. It is formed to pool together the small farmers and their land to perform agriculture in scientific way.
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